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Kristen Miller supports ambitious female coaches who are looking to scale their business, leverage their knowledge, and move from solopreneur to CEO.

We provide:

✧  High-touch Done-For-You services in sales funnel and course creation

✧  Personalized coaching to create your own digital courses and funnels

✧  Digital courses and templates to get off the ground quickly

How can we help you grow your online business today?

Available Products

LeadBundle™ Accelerator Self Study

Create your low ticket digital course LeadBundle™. Go From Zero to Digital Course Success, in just 90 Days! The LEADBUNDLE™ ACCELERATOR walks you through every single step of the process and prepares you for success. This is the Self-Study version, no Coaching included.

Digital Course Elite Membership

The exclusive monthly membership for entrepreneurs wanting to create passive income through digital courses without having to start from scratch or re-invent the wheel. 

Get It Together, Girl! System

The easy, simple and flexible system that allows you to plan your life without a lot of complicated rules that don’t fit YOU or YOUR FAMILY.

Practical Mommy HQ

The simple one-stop-shop for all your family info. This is a digital vault, ready at your fingertips, all the time. Digital Access available immediately. 

Inspiring Moms

Inspire yourself and your community with this bundle! This bundle includes: an Inspiring Year printable Journal, Mindful Journaling Masterclass, Over 100 Self Care Ideas For Busy Moms +more.

Start A Money-Making Blog In A Weekend

Think You Don’t Have The Time To Start A Blog? This all-in-one resource will have you up and running before the weekend’s even over!

The Canva Course

Everything You Need To Know About Canva To Grow Your Business Online - Learn how to make your brand stand out (without a designer!) with this step-by-step Canva Course.

Blog To Product

A 6-Step System For Building an Online Business With a Money-Making Blog+Digital Products.

#OPP: Other People's Products

What if I told you - you could start making money with digital courses without having to create a single thing? Start selling affiliate courses in between your own digital course launches. 🎉

Masterclass: Create An Engaging Facebook Group Content And Sales Strategy Plan

In this Blog To Product special Masterclass, learn how to create an engaging Facebook Group along with an effective (aka $ producing) content and sales strategy.

Masterclass: Accelerate Your Blog Content Creation Using Video

Learn how to create content FAST when you start with Video and repurpose into other formats.

Masterclass: How to Use Other People's Content (Ethically) For Your Blog Post

It’s possible to create content using other people’s content. Ha! That’s a mouthful. In this 20 minute Masterclass, you will learn three ways to create content (ethically) from other people’s content.

Masterclass: How to Create a Digital Course With Your Blog Content

I 100% believe that you need to repurpose your content all over the place. And your blog content is no different! But one thing people don’t talk about a lot is using your content to create a course. And because you’re starting with content you already have - you’re already half done. In this 20 minute Masterclass, you will learn how to re-use your blog content to create a course to sell!

Masterclass: Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help Grow Your Online Business

Stop living the solopreneur lifestyle, and hire someone to help you with your business online. I can guarantee you that it’s not as difficult or expensive as you think. In this 20 minute Masterclass, you will learn 50+ ways a VA can help with your online business and you’ll also learn the steps to take to hire the very best.

The Repurposing Content Masterclass

Discover my simple-but-powerful system for getting eight pieces of high-value content out of just ONE strategic Facebook Live video. 

Course Creator Mindset Journal

For The Digital Course Creator Who Needs A Motivation Boost - These 31 affirmations and journal prompts will be sure to get you in the right mindset every single day!

Be The Master Of Your Day

6 Simple Strategies to Manage Your Time and Boost Your Productivity - This worksheet + guide will help you review and reconnect to your daily priorities.

Positivity 365

This Simple Tool Will Turn Your Phone Into An Effortless Calm Zone Every Day. And Help You Be A Better "Stuck At Home Mom"… Even When Your Kids Are At Their Overwhelming Best.

Gratitude 365

Practice Gratitude EVERY DAY and watch the results. This one goes out to all of my busy Mamas who need a loving reminder that you have SO MUCH to be grateful for, even on the busiest of days.

Digital Course VA

This is a program for virtual assistants and/or online service providers who want to uplevel their skills and charge premium prices.

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